Pole Dance “N” Pole Fitness Courses.

A great way to get fit whilst learning a dance and fitness routine using a pole and your own body weight as your fitness equipment.

All of our core courses run over a 5 week term  and each class is for one hour per week with provisions of coming into the studio whenever you want to practice or train at your own leisure.

You choose your enrolment day and time and attend this one hour class on a weekly basis.
All enrolled students are welcome to use the studio in our practice pole area during all of our opening hours.

All enrolled students have the opportunity to come into open practice with instructors every Saturday.

What is Open Practice:

Open Practice is a supervised, not instructed casual class time, where ypu practice your tricks you have learnt during your weekly course class or practice your course routine.

Pole Dance Courses

Novice Beginners Pole Dance Course
[Open to all Women]
For the absolute beginner in the world of pole fitness and dance.  Join our novice classes to get a taste of what pole dancing is all about.  Over a five week period you will learn a basic dance routine to teach you how to walk, wiggle and shake it around the pole!

Beginners Course's Level 1-3
[Completion of Beginner Course]
For those with previous pole, dance or gymnastics experience your Pole Blitz pole dance experience starts here!  Learn how to spin, climb and move around the pole with ease in our beginners course.  You will build strength, stamina and confidence all while having fun as you get fit at Pole Blitz!

Intermediate Pole Dance Course Level 1-2
[Min fitness level prior pole experience]
Now that you understand the basics of working the pole, it’s time to take a step up the pole and take that next challenge. Increase your strength and fitness with our intermediate dance routines as you learn to climb, lock, hold and perform spin combos around the pole.  Mastering these moves will take you through our first intermediate level.

Intermediate Course Level 1, A&B
[Completion of Intermediate course or similar fitness level]
Move further up the pole in our Intermediate 1 level as you continue to increase your strength and fitness whilst learning more challenging climbs, locks, holds and spin combos.  Completing and mastering our challenging Intermediate 1 dance routines will ensure your graduation into our next Intermediate level.

Intermediate Course Level 2, A&B
[Completion of Intermediate 1]
Our Intermediate 2 level is the bridging level between our intermediate and advanced levels.  Test your stamina, fitness and technique as you complete our challenging Intermediate 2 dance routines.  Learning the tricks, combos and spins in this level will begin to prepare you for our advanced levels.

Speciality & Boutique Pole Dance and Pole Fit Courses

Exotique Dance
[Completion of Intermediate]

Burlesque Dance
[Open to all women]

Lap Dance Workshop
[Open to all women 18+]

Zumba Dance Fitness
[Open to all women all fitness levels]

Pole Chair Dance
[All Women all fitness levels]

Pole Moves Course Level 1
[Basic pole experience]
Completion of Beginner course or a term of casual classes’ min strength and endurance.

Advanced Tricks & Transitions
[High level of fitness]
Strength, Flexibility, Stamina required completion of a one on one instructor evaluation.

Spinners Dance Level 1-3
[Prior pole experience]
The Pole Dance course all students look forward to achieving, using both static and spinning poles. All students are challenged to learning the art of controlling your entire body and completing your routine on a pole that moves with you.

Yogalaties or Ballet Barre

Ideal for all of our students or for ladies wanting a fitness class for the entire body, fantastic for flexibility and is ideal for all women regardless of age, size or fitness capability, see our timetable for details.

Advanced Intro (Tricks)

After completing our intermediate levels you are now ready to head upside down on the pole!  A term of just purely tricks without the pressure of a dance routine, our Advanced Intro Tricks class will teach you the fundamentals and intricate breakdowns of the major advanced tricks and transitions that will pave the way for you to head off on your advanced pole dancing journey.

Advanced Intro A

Now you have mastered the tricks and transitions in the Advanced Intro Tricks level, it’s time to test your skill by putting it all into a dance routine.  Our beautiful Advanced Intro dance routine will keep you challenged and inspired as you learn to transition between all your newly learned tricks.  And the biggest of challenge of all?  You make it look easy!

Advanced Intro B & C

Continue on your Advanced Intro journey for another couple of terms as we take you through more moves, trick combos and faster more challenging dance routines.  Completing and mastering our Advanced Intro levels will move you into our Advanced dance courses.

Advanced Prep

Once completing our Advanced Intro courses, it's time to get prepared for the next level. Our advanced prep course will prepare you for the tricks and combos you will start to learn as you lift, spring and fly through our Advanced Pole Blitz courses!

Advanced - Advanced 1 to ELITE.

Only the strong survive! Our various advanced levels will keep you building strength, stamina, fitness and flexibility as you are challenged with complicated tricks and combos.  Attending strength, fitness, core conditioning and flexibility classes at Pole Blitz are a must to achieve these levels!

(It is strongly recommended all students beginning advanced dance levels also attend other fitness, flexibility, conditioning and strengthening classes at Pole Blitz).

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