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History of Pole Fitness

Some argue that pole fitness as we now know it derived from Chinese pole which is often found as a staple in the circus world. It’s difficult to deny that Indian pole gymnastics called “Mallakhamba,” didn’t have any influence either. And of course as many in the pole dance fitness community would argue, pole fitness as we know it came from strip clubs. The truth is that all of these, particularly Chinese pole and dancing-club poles, together is what pole dancing for fitness is born from. On one hand, pole fitness is called pole “dance” fitness because the competitions, classes, and the general theme revolves around creating a choreography and dancing. However, a large majority of pole dance fitness tricks, both beginner, and expert level, have come from Chinese pole tricks, especially in the more recent years as the level of the community has advanced.

Pole dancing for exercise has become more and more popular over the last two decades as people are starting to see that there is more than one possibility for this vertical apparatus. Pole fitness is even accepted by the Olympics as an international sport! Studios are opening up left and right, with over 80 studios in California and Florida alone. If you were to ask anyone in the pole community why they take classes you would hear phrases like: “it’s an extremely challenging workout”, “it’s like nothing else”, “it makes you feel excited to get new tricks”, “my body became really toned from pole dancing,” “the pole community is supportive”, “you never stop learning and improving,” and “it’s an amazing core work out.” The list goes on, but you are starting to get the idea, right? Even better yet, as the pole community has grown pole fitness accessories have started to pop up all over, improving the safety, assistance, and challenge that this workout has to offer.

Pole dancing may seem intimidating to start, but no matter what studio you enter you will find there are beginner pole dancing classes to teach you the basics of the sport. Not only will you start a new and fun way to workout, you will become part of a supportive community as well! We pole dancers are known for cheering and clapping each other on throughout the process of learning. However, learning pole fitness takes time, but that’s part of the excitement and lure of the sport. When you begin you may not even be able to do a single pull up (like most of us, myself included) but you will find that given a few pole fitness classes your strength builds on itself at a shocking rate.

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Pole dancing? You mean, like stripping?

Let me start off by saying that you wouldn’t be the first person to ask that question. The phrase “pole dancing” strikes an immediate mental image of dimly-lit nightclubs filled with scantily clad women dancing for tips for the majority of the population. Images from TV shows, movies, even personal experience have reduced the image of a vertical piece of metal to have only one purpose – for women to dance sexy and make money off of it.

Pole dancing for fitness is one of the newest and fastest growing industries not only in your town but across the globe. Pole dancing for exercise began around 20 years ago, however, this statement alone is debatable amongst the pole connoisseurs amongst us.

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